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Find your forever companion

Find your forever companion

About Us

Leaf Animals is an adoption website that connects animals in need with the right people. Based online, we work as an independent third party between those looking to rehome an animal and those wishing to adopt, foster or sponsor an animal.

Sponsoring is the perfect solution to those who want to help but are unable to adopt or foster an animal in their home. To sponsor means that you cover the costs of an animal until they go to their forever home or for a period determined by you...


The number of animals looking for homes is ever-growing. By adopting, you have the power to change a life and to become part of the solution. Click here to find your companion.


Sometimes all an animal needs is a temporary home before they are ready to go to their forever homes. Click here to find an animal to foster. You could help save a life.


If you are unable to adopt or foster an animal, but still want to make a difference, the good news is that you can! Click here for a list of animals who are looking for sponsors.

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Fill out an application and we will do our best to match you with a new family member that suits your lifestyle.

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Hop on a Zoom call with our adoption coordinator where they will spend an hour with you to answer your questions regarding adoptions, fostering, sponsoring and more!

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Successful Adoptions

Slide to see some of the animals we helped rehome in Egypt, Uk, Germany, and more

Our Friends are organisations, centres and initiatives that share our goals and objectives; they provide vital services to the animal welfare community in Egypt, UK, and Spain. 

Our Partners

Our partners consist of organisations, facilities and individuals that share our values, goals and mission. 

Know the name of the animal you want?

Is Your Furry Friend Looking for a Home?

Choose one of our plans and create a profile for your animal and we will help find a good home for them

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