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Book a Consultation

Book your 60 minute consultation with the adoption coordinator and let us answer your questions

What is a Consultation

A consultation is a 60-minute online Zoom meeting with the adoption coordinator who advises you and answers any questions related to animal care. 

  • You are adopting an animal and need guidance. 

  • You are considering adoption and need advice.

  • Your animal is on the website and you would like to discuss their case/profile further.

  • You want to understand more about animal care in your home. 

  • You want to learn more about Baladis.

Why Book

How it works


Once the payment is complete, the adoption coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule a convenient time for the online meeting.

Before Consultation

Before the consultation, you will be asked for an overview of your needs and expectations. If you have any questions, let the adoption coordinator know beforehand.


During the consultation, our adoption coordinator will answer your questions and discuss the topics of your choice. 

You can pay online by clicking the button below, or if you'd like to pay using VF-Cash or InstaPay app, please fill the form below.

Read our consultation terms & conditions

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