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Adoption Terms & Conditions Agreement


  • You, I, Applicant(s) or Adopter(s): The person or people applying to adopt an animal.

  • Us, Leaf Animals, or Website: The organization facilitating the adoption.

Eligibility & Application Process:

  • I certify that I am 24 years old or above.

  • I confirm that all members of the household are in agreement to adopt a new animal - all adults are available to participate in the interview (zoom)

  • I certify the information I have given is true and realise that any misrepresentation will result in my losing the privilege of adopting the animal.

  • I certify that I am filling the adoption application for myself and not anyone else.

  • I understand that filling out an adoption form on does not guarantee adoption.

  • I understand that if I don't show up to the online Zoom interview for 15 minutes without a notice, Leaf Animals will end the call and cancel the interview.

  • I understand that if I don't show up to the online Zoom interview for 15 minutes without a notice, Leaf Animals has the right to reject my  application and cancel my adoption process.

Application & Adoption Timeline:

  • I understand that the adoption process takes time to ensure success and that Leaf Animals will not adopt an animal out because I am in a hurry to adopt.

  • I understand that failure to reply to the approval message in 72 hours will get my application automatically rejected.

  • I understand that not following the steps of the adoption process in 72 hours will get my application automatically rejected.

  • I understand that Leaf Animals will hold on to my application for only 3 months maximum only if I didn't go through the interview yet. If after the interview the adoption process didn't continue, I will refill an application if I want.

  • I acknowledge that in the event of adopting another animal from Leaf Animals after a period of at least 2 months following a previous adoption, I am obligated to complete the standard adoption process anew for each additional animal I wish to adopt.

Fees & Potential Changes:

  • I understand that the service fee of EGP 400 (or equivalent) is non-refundable. If my application had been approved, Leaf Animals will support me to adopt another animal instead if my desired animal becomes unavailable.

  • In the case of dog adoption, I understand that I will receive a partial refund of 400 EGP only if I have not yet received the adoption workshop video, which is included in the dog adoption service fee.

  • I understand that Leaf Animals will not put me in touch with the animal's uploader/current guardian if I still haven't made the payment.

Responsibility & Care of the Animal:

  • I confirm that neither me nor any member of my household is allergic to the animal prior to adoption.

  • I am financially able to provide for all of my animal’s needs including food, supplies, shelter, wellbeing, and veterinary care.

  • I will provide the animal with adequate security, stability, care, and identity tag at all times.

  • I will register the animal with a qualified vet, maintain a vaccination and worming program, and bear all necessary treatment costs.

  • I acknowledge that Leaf Animals cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases, or destructive behaviour.

Behavior & Training:

  • I agree to contact Leaf Animals for any behavioral or health problems and work with them for solutions.

  • I am open to training recommendations from Leaf Animals.

  • I understand that Leaf Animals follow force-free methods when it comes to animal behavior and training.

  • When adopting a puppy, I understand the need for a flexible schedule and agree to a Force-Free training plan.

Guardianship & Relocation:

  • The adopted animal must be treated as a family member and live inside the home.

  • In case of travel or relocation, the animal must remain with me, and I bear all associated costs.

  • The animal cannot be passed to another owner or rescue centre without Leaf Animals' prior written consent.


Privacy & Confidentiality:

  • I understand that the home video I upload on the application will not be shared or viewed by anyone except Leaf Animal's adoption coordinator.

  • I understand that Leaf Animals will not share my contact information with anyone unless I asked them to.

Communication & Data:

  • I allow Leaf Animals to retain my contact information for periodic communication.

  • I will check my email regularly for adoption request updates.

Breach of Agreement:

  • Leaf Animals reserves the right to remove the animal from my care if any terms are broken without compensation.

Please ensure all provided information is accurate to facilitate a smooth adoption process.

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