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Adoption Terms & Conditions Agreement

In this document, the Applicant(s) or adopter(s) will be referred to as the I or You, and Leaf Animals will be referred to as Us or Leaf Animals or the Website.

  • I certify that the information I have given is true and realise that any misrepresentation or misinformation will result in application rejection. 


  • I certify that I am filling the adoption application for myself (the primary caretaker of the animal and applicant) and not anyone else .


  • I understand that filling out an adoption form on does not guarantee adoption.


  • I certify that I am 24 years old or above. 


  • I understand that the adoption process takes time to ensure success and that Leaf Animals will not adopt an animal out because I am in a hurry to adopt. 


  • I understand that if my application is rejected, Leaf Animals reserve the right not to disclose the reasons for rejection. ​

  • I understand that failure to reply to the approval message in 72 hours will get my application automatically rejected

  • I understand that Leaf Animals will hold on to my application for 6 months maximum (in the case when the animal I applied for is unavailable) only if I didn't go through the interview yet. If after the interview the adoption process didnt continue, I will refill an application if I want.

  • I understand that the service fee of EGP250 (or equivalent) is non refundable and that the animal I applied for might become unavailable for adoption at any point due to a third party. If my application had been approved, Leaf Animals will help and support me to adopt another animal instead.

  • I confirm that all members of the household are in agreement to adopt a new animal - all adults are available to participate in the interview (zoom or call).


  • I confirm that neither me nor any member of my household is allergic to the animal prior to adoption.


  • I have considered all aspects of animal ownership including veterinary fees, the costs of feeding, training, boarding and grooming. I am prepared to accept the personal and financial responsibility of ownership. 


  • I am financially able to provide for all of my animal’s needs. This includes food, supplies, shelter, wellbeing and veterinary care.


  • I confirm that the animal will be provided with adequate security, stability and care at all times. 


  • I will set aside time during the transition period to bond with my new animal and engage in various activities that build trust and develop the relationship.


  • I will set aside the appropriate amount of time to spend with my companion in general. 


  • I have thought about boarding/pet sitters/dog walkers should the animal require or if I am travelling.


  • I confirm that this animal is being adopted as a family animal and will live inside the home as a member of the family and not be chained or kenneled outside. The animal will be provided with adequate water and will wear an identity tag at all times.


  • I agree to register this animal with a qualified vet, will maintain a vaccination and worming programme in accordance with veterinary guidelines and understand that it is my responsibility to pay for all necessary treatments from the date of adoption.


  • I understand that sometimes due to the unknown history of this animal there can be no guarantees against any hereditary defects, conditions or illness and agree that Leaf Animals cannot be held liable for any future treatment costs.


  • I acknowledge that Leaf Animals cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behaviour. I will not hold Leaf Animals responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the animal I choose to adopt.


  • I understand that I am solely responsible for keeping the adopted animal under proper control and accept full responsibility for the animal and its actions. I am aware that animals can occasionally cause damage and agree that Leaf Animals are not responsible for any actions of the animal once it is in my care.

  • I agree to contact Leaf Animals immediately should any behavioral or health problems arise and will work with them to try and rectify any problems. If I choose not to follow their recommendations, I understand that I cannot hold them responsible for the animal's behavior or health. 


  • I understand that there is no guarantee for the animal’s behaviour or temperament. 


  • I am responsible for keeping the animal under control and accept responsibility for the animal and their actions. 


  • This animal is not to be passed to another owner or rescue centre without Leaf Animals' prior consent in writing and, should I choose, or be unable, to keep this animal for any reason I will return them to Leaf Animals, their previous guardian or rescue center.

  • I understand that Leaf Animals cannot take the animal

  • I agree that if the uploader cannot take back the animal, I will keep them until a new home is found. If this is not possible, I agree to work with Leaf Animals on finding the best boarding for the animal until a new home is found. 


  • I am willing and open to training recommendations and practices from Leaf Animals’ training methodology.


  • I understand that this animal is a sentient being and will treat them as such. 


  • I will not yell, hit or force the animal to do anything for any reason.


  • When adopting a puppy: I understand that a flexible schedule is required to ensure frequent potty breaks. I also agree to a Force-Free training plan with a professional trainer. Leaf Animals can help with recommendations.


  • If the animal is too young to be neutered at time of adoption, I agree to have this done at the earliest opportunity. (We advise 18 months of age).


  • I understand that the animal, as a family member, must remain with me in the case of travel or relocation, and that I am responsible for the costs.


  • I agree that Leaf Animals may retain the contact information that I have supplied for the purpose of contacting me from time to time.


  • I understand that if any of the terms and conditions are broken, then Leaf Animals or their authorised representatives have the right to remove the animal from my care without any sort of compensation.


  • I certify the information I have given is true and realise that any misrepresentation will result in my losing the privilege of adopting the animal.


Please make sure to check your email on a regular basis in order to follow up on your adoption request.

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