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The abandoned dog shelter in Sakkara, previously known as Voice of the Voiceless (VOV), has undergone significant changes. The shelter was once a place of hope and support for animal lovers, but it was soon discovered that the dogs were in terrible conditions and the manager was not what he appeared to be. The exposure of the plight of these dogs led to the manager being evicted and the shelter being taken over by animal lover Petra and other prominent members of the animal welfare field.

The shelter has now been renamed Baladi Mabsut (VOV survivors) which means Happy Local Dog. The dogs are receiving the care and attention they deserve, with the goal of giving them 24/7 one on one care. The dogs will be named, have their background and medical data recorded, and be socialized for adoption.

To ensure the best possible care for the dogs, the shelter is seeking monthly supporters. Donors will receive updates and pictures about their sponsored dogs. The shelter will no longer accept rescue cases and will provide a sanctuary for life for the dogs that are not adoptable. The goal is to give these neglected dogs the life they deserve after a difficult and traumatic past.

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