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Time and Space Equine Sanctuary is a registered association that provides a safe and nurturing environment for horses in need. They currently care for a herd of six horses on site, with others off site at various times. The horses come from various backgrounds, some living their entire lives in a natural existence on the mountains, while others have been rescued from sad situations.

In 2016, the sanctuary was forced to relocate its herd from their mountain home and has been working hard to improve the new pasture and facilities for the horses and humans alike. They rely heavily on contributions of both labor and funds from animal lovers to continue their important work.

In addition to providing basic care, the sanctuary is dedicated to teaching and training horses in a force-free, non-aversive way. They believe that using a horse without paying attention to their emotions can cause psychological problems that owners may not even be aware of. By using positive reinforcement and other force-free techniques, their primary goal is to ensure that all horses are willing and give complete consent for everything that is done to them, including veterinary care and potentially riding.

Located in the south of Spain, the sanctuary faces unique challenges in caring for the horses, such as rudimentary hoof care and limited veterinary care. However, through their dedication and hard work, Time and Space Equine Sanctuary continues to provide a safe and loving home for horses in need.

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