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Leaf Animals members play a big role in our mission to promote animal adoption and fostering in Egypt. Maintaining a trustworthy reputation is a responsibility we all have in order to help animals find loving forever homes. To ensure that animal adoption and fostering is a rewarding experience for all those involved, each Leaf Animals member must adhere to a basic Code of Conduct, which is as follows:


  • To have updated contact information available under ‘Contacts,’ ‘Organization Info’ and “Locations.”

  • To only submit adoptable pets available directly from you or your organization.

  • To post animals in the location where they are currently being fostered or sheltered at the time of posting. 

  • To give honest information about the animals’ description, to the best of your knowledge.

  • To only post adoptable animals, not animals for sale, animals for breeding purposes, animals not allowed by law or the promotion of commercial products or services.

  • To operate and engage with the website and its visitors in a not-for-profit manner, even if you do not have official non-profit status.

  • To spay/neuter all pets (above the age of 1 year) before adoption.

  • To reply to questions from the Leaf Animals staff in a timely and respectful manner.

  • You warrant that you, and any user(s) associated with your Leaf Animals account, do not have any animal care related citations, violations or crimes, or other convictions for actions that endangered public safety, or that prohibit you from using the internet or social media sites.

Members Conduct

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