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Founded and managed by Salwa Abdoh, ESDAR is home to 21 rescued horses, 38 donkeys and one camel. Registered and founded in 2017 ESDAR have been working tirelessly to rescue equines in need of urgent medical care that they receive through Facebook and phone calls. Salwa manages the rescue cases herself by sending special cars to pick up the animal and take them to the shelter. The horses and donkeys have their own stables made of stone and iron. They have paddocks for donkeys and paddocks for horses. All the animals have their outdoor times and go out depending on the individual animal. They have a certain area for the special needs.

Four workers are available 24/7 with a supervisor.

ESDAR focus on working animals specially the abused and abandoned animals. ESDAR rely solely on donations and sponsors for their cases. ESDAR is the only equine shelter in Egypt and they are in need if a lot of monetary help for expansions.

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