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Adoption Vs. Buying

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Adoption has been a growing concept in Egypt in the past years. There are many reasons why we support adoption instead of buying animals from breeders or shops, here are some of them.

It saves lives.

Few people spay and neuter their animals, and when they get litters of kittens and puppies, they are sold to friends and strangers. Many people let go of their animals for different reasons like relocation, allergies, etc. these animals rarely find good homes and spend their lives between homes or shelters. Adopting an animal from a shelter saves their lives from spending the rest of it in the shelters or without homes.

The number of unwanted animals can be reduced dramatically if we choose to adopt and not buy. There will be more spaces in shelters for other animals who are in dire need of rescue and a place to stay.

Shelters are full of happy dogs and cats that are healthy and waiting for loving homes to take them in. Animals in shelters in Egypt are abandoned or rescued from the street. Shelter animals are vaccinated and in perfect health to go to a loving home.

It fights puppy mills

Puppy mills are a factory style breeding facilities, where the dogs are kept in horrendous conditions with bad medical care, are usually sick, and have behavioral problems. Mothers are usually kept in cages with no human interaction and zero hope of ever having a loving home. When they're too old to breed, they are simply thrown away.

The stay in business and their customers are clueless about the conditions the parents are in. They are also sold to pet shops where the puppies spend a chunk of their puppyhood in cages with no love and care from either humans or their mothers.

Puppy mills will continue their business because they're profiting from the dogs they have. If you choose to adopt, you will not be supporting these horrible conditions the dogs live in and you will be saving a life simultaneously.

It will save your home.

Adopting an adult dog, will not just save his life but will also save your home from the unwanted toilet accidents puppies go through. An adult animal is already socialized and introducing them to your family will be easy. It's a misconception that unwanted animals are discarded because of something they've done. Most unwanted animals are abandoned because their families have relocated, don't have the time, or simply found another option. So adopting an older animal will save your home from unwanted behavior.

It saves you money.

Adopting an animal from a shelter or another home will not cost you as much as buying them. The price of so called pure breeds are getting higher and along with the costs of medical care your wallet will be thanking you.

Animals looking for a home are usually spayed and neutered so you won't have to pay the costs of the surgery and after care because its already been done

Less health issues

Mixed breeds are known to have less health issues compared to pure breeds. Most pure breeds whether its cats or dogs have the potential of suffering from certain health problems like skin allergies, joint problems, weak immune systems and more. Also, animals in shelters are usually up to date on the vaccinations and their healths are always checked by the in-house vet at the shelters.

You can still find the Breed you're looking for

Egyptian shelters are packed with not just Baladi dogs but also a lot of unwanted breeds like Siberian huskies, golden retrievers, German shepherds, pugs, dachshunds. You can also find Siamese, Persian and Egyptian Maus.

It's more ethical

Adopting an animal is more ethical, as breeding encourages selective breeding during an over population of unwanted animals.

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