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 Terms & Conditions Agreement for Uploading an Animal for Sponsorship

In this document, the guardian(s) or uploader(s) will be referred to as the I or You, and Leaf Animals will be referred to as Us or Leaf Animals or the Website.

These terms may be changed or edited over time.

I. Animal Information

  •  I certify that everything I mentioned on my animal’s profile is factual and true.

  •  I certify that I did not leave out important information (medical, prices, donation methods, etc)

II. Approval and Fees

  • I understand that uploading an animal on the website does not guarantee approval of the profile.

  • I understand that the subscription fee of 150 EGP is non-refundable once I have submitted the profile.

  • I understand that uploading an animal for sponsoring on Leaf Animals does not guarantee actual sponsoring.

  • I understand that once I subscribed to the sponsorship service, my subscription is valid for only 3 months. 

  • I understand that the profile will be live on the website until my subscription expires.

III. Animal Care and Responsibility

  • I understand that Leaf Animals is against breeding dogs and cats.

  • I certify that this animal is locatable and not on a random street.

IV. Pictures and Profile Updates

  • I understand that pictures increase my animal’s chances. Click here to read the photo guidelines.

  • I understand that if the photos I used don’t follow Leaf Animals’ photo guidelines, my animal will not be posted on Leaf Animals' social media pages.

  • I certify that once a certain amount has been collected, I will edit my animal's profile with the new costs needed.

  • I certify that I will regularly update my animal’s profile if it is missing any information at the time of upload.

  • I certify that if my animal is younger than 1.5 years old, I will regularly add more recent photos to their profile as they grow.


V. Donations

  • I understand that using this service does not guarantee my animal will receive donations.

  • I certify that the amount of costs I am asking for on my animal’s profile will be solely for the animal’s needs and treatment. 

  • I certify that I will regularly update the Leaf animals team whenever my animal receives donation.

  • I understand that once I raise funds for my animals through Leaf Animals or other means, I will delete my animal's profile. 

  • I understand that Leaf Animals does not receive any percentage or commission when someone donates to my animal.

VI. Liability and Contact Information

  • I understand that Leaf Animals are not liable or responsible for the behaviors, actions (or lack thereof) of the person donating to sponsor my animal. 

  • I understand that Leaf Animals follow force-free methods when it comes to animal behavior, training and handling.

  • I agree that Leaf Animals may retain the contact information that I have supplied for the purpose of contacting me via emails, SMS, whatsapp, broadcast messages and  marketing emails.

  • I understand that if any of the terms and conditions are broken, then Leaf Animals or their authorized representatives have the right to opt out from the sponsorship process and delete my animal's profile.

  • Please make sure to check your email or contact information on a regular basis to follow up on your animal's profile.

To have your animal posted on our social media accounts, please follow these guidelines.

  • Photos must be high resolution

  • ​Photos must not be screen shots

  • Preferably, no photos in crate or cage

  • ​Photos should not be edited or filtered​​​​​​

  • ​Photos should not have any text or emojis on them​​​​

  • Photos should be taken during daylight so the animal is clear and visible

  • Animals must not be wearing choke collars, prong collars, slip leads, e-collars (bark collars), head halters, etc.

  • Animals should not be grabbed by the hand. Ex: a hand grabbing a dog by the collar to stand still, or hugging the animal, cat carried in the air for the picture.

Photo Guidelines

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