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Keeping Your Cat Happy

Does your cat seem hard to please?

Although cats tend to be more independent creatures, like any other animal, they require attention and love to ensure they are living their happiest, stress-free lives.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your cat happy:

  1. Let out their energy / Enrichment & Playtime:

By instinct, cats are natural hunters that like to patrol their territory, they are much closer to their old selves than dogs. So although you might think your indoor cat is content with lounging around all day, it is much healthier for your cat to exercise their basic instinct through play. Playing gives your cat the exercise she needs to stay stimulated, maintain their weight and also prevent behavioural issues that can come from boredom. Getting them cat toys and accessories, will help them let out their natural energy.

Check out some of our partnered pet shops that have a variety of cat toys to help entertain your cat:

2. Curiosity “Will not” kill your cat / hiding places & scratching:

Cats are inherently very curious. One simple way to help them exercise this curiosity is hiding their favorite cat treats around the house so that they have to hunt them out themselves, you can also hide some of their favourite toys, this will also give them the added bonus of playing with their toy once found.

Another way to stimulate their curiosity is creating a “bird viewing station” inside your home. Simply put up a bird feeder or bath (can be bought @Parrotlocanda) outside a window, so that your cat can have hours of viewing pleasure while also giving them the opportunity to interact with other wildlife around them, safely.

3. Two is always better than one

Get your cat a friend! The best way to keep your cat entertained is simply by having another cat, a companion. This will help tremendously, especially if you spend a lot of hours outside your house. As we all know, there’s no shortage of homeless cats (check out our adoption list @leafanimals). Believe it or not, taking care of two cats is easier than one.

4. Heard of Catnip?

Catnip can be purchased at many pet stores such as: @Aminpetshopegypt. This is your cat's natural high. Catnip contains a natural oil called ‘nepetalactone’ which has a unique effect on cats. It is harmless, temporary and most importantly pleasurable to cats. Note: not all cats are affected by catnip, and it has no effect on kittens under six months of age. However if your cat does respond to it, it will help keep them stimulated and happy.

5. Go for a climb, or a walk…

Cats love to be in high places, as another way of guarding their territory. You will often find your cat climbing high points in your house, so cat trees are perfect for cats to let out the natural climber in them (can be bought @Petclawseg & @Petcornerseg). You can also create your own cat climbers by adding shelves at different levels on the wall for your cat to climb on.

Taking your cat on a walk might sound unnatural, however you can train your cat to wear a harness for short periods of time indoors, then eventually add a leash and reward your cat with treats when she walks with you. Once you feel your cat is comfortable, take them outside. Start with short trips and eventually increase the time you spend outside.

6. Bathroom please! / Litter box setup

Setting up your cat’s litter properly can make your cat a happy cat! They need choice and accessibility, so if possible try to provide them with more than one litter box inside your house. They should be able to access their litter easily, so keep that in mind when placing their boxes. Since cats have sensitive noses, make sure their litter box is far from their food and in a place with good air circulation (this will benefit you as well as your cat). Keep their litter boxes clean. Try to scoop out their “waste” at least once daily, if possible, to ensure that your cat is comfortable. This will also help you monitor their health by noticing any changes in your cats defecations.

7. Food and Water Bowls

Firstly separate their food from water, cats don’t like the scent of food while drinking water, they also don't like food particles in their water, so it’s best to separate the two from each other.

Secondly, pick a place and stick to it, since cats are creatures of habit try not to move their food and water bowls around so that you don't disrupt their natural routine of eating and drinking.

Finally, try to buy stainless steel or ceramic (make sure they don’t break) bowls for your cat, they are sturdy and the least harmless material to cats. Make sure the bowl is wide enough to hold your cat’s meal (1-2 cups) and make sure to keep them clean. Cats do not like to eat from dirty bowls and it’s not healthy for them.

8. Spay and Neuter

There are countless benefits of spaying/neutering your cat, it helps them live healthier and longer, as well as, for the greater good, helps with population control. Females will no longer experience heat cycles, and males will no longer “mark their territory” through spraying. Like humans cats can develop many diseases such as cancer and body infections, by spaying/neutering your cat you will reduce these risks and you will ensure that both you and your animal will experience an easier life together.

Need help or guidance with the process?

We recommend our partner Dr. Ramy Eissa

9. All You Need Is Love / Consistency

We feel. Cats feel. loving your cat has many benefits for both you and your animal. The best way to keep your cat happy is to give her affection. Play, pet, cuddle, snuggle, whatever feels right for your cat, notice how they respond to your physical affection towards them and observe what makes them happy. A little love can go a long way!

10. Speaking cat / Understanding Cat Behavior

Communication is key in any relationship, regardless it’s species. Take your time to understand what your cat is trying to tell you so that you can respond where needed and recognize their different emotions. Cats use their bodies, ears, tails and eyes as well as their meows to talk to you.

Here’s an article that explains all the different communication tools your cat might use:

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