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Established to offer top-quality, cost-effective enrichment tools for cats, enhancing the lives of both the felines and their caregivers.

Enrichment elevates the overall life quality of an animal, and in the case of cats, it can mitigate behaviours often viewed by humans as unwanted. Such behaviours could potentially lead to rehoming.

The CatKit pioneered the introduction of Cardboard Cat Houses in Egypt. Recognizing that most cats adore cardboard, these houses are crafted from durable 5-layer cardboard and come with cutout sections and hanging toys, making them the ideal playhouse—aptly named The CatKit Playhouse. The brand also produces Cardboard Scratchers, Cat Tunnels, and more.

The founder of The CatKit actively promotes animal welfare and rescue awareness through social media, schools, and events. A portion of The CatKit's profits is dedicated to supporting these advocacy efforts and directly aiding animals.

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