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Save A Paw is a fashion-for-a cause clothing line created by Egyptian brand, The Sahara Collection. 

It aims to raise funds for animal shelters and spread awareness on our local Baladi strays, and many animal-related topics.

The apparel is locally produced in fine Egyptian cotton, with a bold print that sends a clear message about our favorite Baladi fluffballs, whilst conveying style in a practical and wearable design.

Each collection released focuses on a specific topic related to animal welfare i.e. dogfighting, adoption, co-existing, and always of course, #baladisuperheroes 

All proceeds of this line are donated to shelters such as Hope Rescue, Animal Protection and more.

Save A Paw explores the importance and many ways of co-existing with animals in their natural environments. By feeding animals, spreading awareness, performing TNR to save Baladi mothers, we are able to accommodate animals to co-exist with us. Save A Paw aims to raise awareness and acceptance of animals in our daily lives while opposing the killing and abuse of strays. 

You can shop the collection online or in store at The Sahara Collection.

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