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She is a proud grandmother to a girl and a mother to a lively family of eleven, which includes three humans, Mocha the dog, and seven cats. Recognizing the potential of upcycling materials from their factory, she began crafting handmade toys for pets, inspired by a dual mission: promoting quality playtime between pets and their owners and supporting local animal welfare causes.

Their innovative idea for upcycled handmade toys was born out of a deep love for dogs and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Opting to repurpose socks that had manufacturing defects, they crafted enriching and entertaining toys, encouraging pet owners to engage more with their furry companions while simultaneously reducing factory waste. A portion of the profits from Mocha's Toys goes directly to aiding stray dogs. This includes donations to CNR campaigns and dog shelters, as well as funds for individual cases they come across that require medical attention or sterilization.

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