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Leaf Animals Marketplace Terms & Conditions of Selling & Donating

Welcome to Leaf Animals Marketplace ("Leaf Animals," "we," "us," "our").

By choosing to sell or donate items on our platform, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. These guidelines are designed to ensure a trustworthy, transparent, and community-focused marketplace for all users.

These terms govern the listing, selling, and donating of pet items by individuals or entities ("Sellers," "Donors," "you") on the Leaf Animals Marketplace website and related services. By participating in this marketplace, you commit to our principles of sustainability, community, and responsible pet ownership.

1. Uploading an Item

  • Eligibility: You must own the item or have the legal right to sell or donate it. You are responsible for ensuring your items comply with our Prohibited Items List, which includes but is not limited to hazardous materials, illegal items, and certain live animals.

  • Photos and Descriptions: Accurate and honest representations are required. All listings must include clear, truthful photographs and descriptions of the item. Misleading or inaccurate information is strictly prohibited. Click here to read our photo guidelines

  • Condition and Details: Clearly state the condition of the item, including any wear, damage, or modifications. Provide comprehensive details, such as size, brand, and any relevant usage instructions or restrictions.

  • Pricing: For sales, set a fair price based on the item's condition, market value, and any other pertinent factors.

  • Donations: clearly outline any conditions or preferences for the recipient.

2. Selling

  • Transaction Completion: Once a buyer commits to purchasing your item, you are obligated to complete the transaction in a timely and professional manner. This includes adhering to agreed-upon payment and shipping terms.

  • Fees and Charges: Understand and agree to any fees or charges imposed by Leaf Animals for marketplace transactions. Sellers are responsible for all transaction fees unless otherwise specified.

3. Donating

  • Recipient Selection: While donating, you may specify preferences for the recipient, such as local animal shelters or individuals in need. However, the final decision rests with you, and all donations must comply with Leaf Animals policies.

  • No Strings Attached: Donations should be made without expecting anything in return. Ensure all items are donated in good faith and in usable condition.

4. Truth and Transparency

  • Honesty: Full disclosure is required for the history, condition, and any limitations of the item. Concealment of defects, false advertising, or misleading information is a violation of our community trust and these terms.

  • Compliance: Agree to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines related to online selling and donating, including tax implications and shipping regulations.

5. Kindness and Decency to Buyers

  • Communication: Maintain polite, respectful, and prompt communication with potential and actual buyers. Address any questions, concerns, or issues professionally.

  • Dispute Resolution: Engage in good faith to resolve disputes amicably. Leaf Animals may mediate disputes but is not responsible for resolving them.

  • Feedback: Participate in our feedback system to foster trust and transparency within the community. Provide honest, constructive feedback about your transaction experience.

6. General Provisions

  • Amendments: We reserve the right to update or modify these terms at any time. Continued use of the platform after such changes constitutes agreement to the new terms.

  • Termination: Violation of these terms may result in suspension or termination of your account and access to Leaf Animals Marketplace.


By listing an item for sale or donation on Leaf Animals Marketplace, you affirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. Our mission is to create a safe, sustainable, and friendly environment for animal lovers to share, sell, and donate items, supporting responsible animal guardianship and environmental stewardship.

For further information, concerns, or support, please contact on

In order to ensure the safety, well-being, and ethical treatment of animals, Leaf Animals Marketplace strictly prohibits the listing, sale, or donation of certain items. Our community values responsible animal guardianship, and as such, we have identified items that are not in alignment with these principles.

The following items are strictly prohibited from being listed for sale or donation:

  1. Choke Collars: Devices designed to tighten around a pet's neck when tension is applied to the leash. These can cause undue stress, discomfort, or injury to the animal.

  2. Bark Collars or E-Collars: Electronic collars that deliver a shock or other aversive stimulus to a dog in response to barking or for behavior modification. These can lead to psychological distress and are considered inhumane by many animal welfare organizations.

  3. Prong Collars: Collars fitted with metal spikes on the inside which press into a pet's neck to deter unwanted behavior through pain or discomfort.

  4. Slip Leads: Leashes that tighten around a pet's neck without a mechanism to prevent over-tightening, posing a risk of choking or injury.

  5. Raw Hide Chew Treats: These treats can pose a choking hazard or lead to digestive blockages. Due to the risk they pose and the potential for contamination, we do not allow them on our platform.

  6. Live Animals: In alignment with our commitment to animal welfare and responsible rehoming, and to prevent the risks associated with improper transportation and care, the sale of live animals is strictly prohibited on Leaf Animals Marketplace. If you have an animal in need of adoption, we encourage you to click here to let us help you responsibly rehome them through our dedicated adoption program. Our platform aims to support safe, ethical, and loving rehoming solutions for animals in need of a new family.

Prohibited Items for Sale or Donation on Leaf Animals Marketplace

Photo Guidelines for Selling/Donating Items on Leaf Animals Marketplace

To ensure a transparent, trustworthy, and engaging shopping experience on Leaf Animals Marketplace, high-quality and accurate photos are essential. Photos not only help buyers make informed decisions but also enhance the visibility and appeal of your listings. Below are our photo guidelines which are designed to help you capture the best images of your items. Additionally, we may feature your photos on Leaf Animals Marketplace’s social media pages to highlight our vibrant community’s offerings.

General Photo Requirements

  1. High Resolution: Photos should be clear, in focus, and of high resolution. This ensures that potential buyers can see the details of the item, making them more likely to engage.

  2. Good Lighting: Use natural light wherever possible. Good lighting can significantly improve the quality of your photos, making your items look their best.

  3. Multiple Angles: Provide multiple photos from different angles to give a comprehensive view of the item. Include top, bottom, front, back, and side views if applicable.

  4. Honest Representation: Your photos must accurately represent the current condition of the item. If there are any defects, wear and tear, or unique features, make sure these are clearly shown.

  5. No Filters or Alterations: Do not use filters or digital alterations that change the appearance of the item. The goal is to reflect the true condition and characteristics of the item.

  6. Plain Background: Use a plain, uncluttered background to ensure the focus remains on the item. Neutral colors like white or light grey are preferred.

  7. Size Context: If applicable, include an object for scale to help buyers understand the size of the item (e.g., a coin or a ruler next to the item).

  8. Prohibited Items: Ensure that your photos only include the item being sold or donated. Avoid including any prohibited items (as listed in the Prohibited Items section) in your photos.

Social Media Use

By uploading your photos to Leaf Animals Marketplace, you agree that they may be selected for use on our social media pages. This presents a fantastic opportunity to increase the visibility of your items and to showcase the diverse and responsible community that makes up Leaf Animals Marketplace. If your photo is chosen, it will be featured alongside your item's description and could reach a wider audience, enhancing your chances of selling or donating your items.

  • Consent: By posting photos on Leaf Animals Marketplace, you grant us permission to share these images on our social media platforms.

  • Photo Alteration for Social Media: To ensure your item captures attention, we may alter the photos you provide. This could include removing the background to make the image more appealing, akin to a professional product shot. Such alterations are intended to highlight the item more effectively on social media, drawing in a larger audience while retaining the essence of the product.

  • Credit: Where possible, we will credit you (using your marketplace username) when your photo is used on our social media pages.

  • Quality Selection: Selection for social media will be based on adherence to our photo guidelines, the quality of the image, and the representation of the item.

These photo guidelines and social media practices are integral to our commitment to creating a safe, transparent, and vibrant online marketplace for pet lovers. By following these guidelines and allowing us to showcase your items on social media, you help maintain the high standard of our community’s listings and contribute to a positive and successful experience for all users on Leaf Animals Marketplace.

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