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Contact TNR Zamalek Now!

TNR (Trap Neuter Release) Zamalek was created in September 2018 by a small group of Zamalek residents in an attempt to solve the overpopulation of animals in the neighbourhood. The community project is entirely run by volunteers and funded through donations.


They trap, neuter, vaccinate, ear tip/ear tag and release cats and dogs two to three times per month, depending on donations. Veterinarian expertise is provided at very low cost by EVAC (Egyptian Vets for Animal Care), a registered NGO.


They organize two to three catches per month and follow a rigorous plan to reach all the streets of Zamalek in a structured way, but we also attend catches sponsored by individuals, businesses and diplomatic missions.


You can help by:

Sponsoring a catch or a single cat/dog.

Raise awareness in your area, speak to your neighbours, schools and businesses and get them involved.

Volunteer your time with TNR Zamalek.

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