Located in Alexandria and founded by Ahmed Youssef and Mahmoud Abdel Maksoud, Happy Rescue Foster handles dogs that have been injured, poisoned or abandoned. On average they rescue five animals a month. There are several rooms on their premises, each used for a different purpose; from newcomers and those with medical issues, to areas for males and areas for females. Animals share spaces and are also free roaming; there is an outdoor play area as well as indoor spaces. They depend on sponsors for up to 50% of the food and rent, while the rest of their expenses, including medical, are raised via fundraisers and donations. Due to financial constraints, only males are neutered. Employees are available 24/7. 


The rescue process includes: 

First Aid

Anti ticks powder



Soon Spaying / Neutering 



Ways to donate:

Fundraiser link

Vodafone Cash 


Bank Account 

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