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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

5-6 months

New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt



Apr 2, 2024








Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Playful


Needs to be spayed/neutered, None

Extra Needs:




Spayed / Neutered:

Almost fully vaccinated



Ready to Travel:

Ziko is super cuddly and friendly. He is extremely smart. I wish i could keep him but it is not possible. He eats dry food. He has toys and loves playing with them and sometimes we play fetch. He understands sit and no.

And basically he reads my tones and mood easily.

On my daily walks around my house, I was startled by something tapping me from the back and grabbing on my leg. I turned around and there he was, this little, cute, playful puppy who just wanted to cuddle and play. And so I did, for a bit, but Ziko wanted more. Two days later, Ziko just showed up at my door step, which was a few blocks away from where we met, but he made his way over to my house to ask for help. When I saw him, there was a rope tightly wrapped around his neck, cutting into it, and Ziko was desperate for help to remove the rope. Someone had evidently tied the rope around him and led him away from his family, to find himself lonely and in need for the simplest care and cuddles. Because Ziko was removed from his pack, the other stray dogs aren’t accepting him, and would constantly attack him. Ever since I removed the rope, my house became his safe space, but unfortunately I can’t possibly keep him.

Ziko is potty trained, and he is wonderful with adults and children alike; very gentle, loves to cuddle and loves to play with his toys. He is quiet, highly trainable, and smart, and is used to sleeping outdoors. He eats dry food and loves his bones and all kinds of people. He is very friendly with other dogs who live indoors amongst family members, and has no problem with small or big dogs, but he gets scared of stray dogs and cats on the street, where he was once attacked. He has no prior experience with domesticated cats.

Ziko is looking for a forever home and will surely be a lovely, warm and fuzzy addition to any family who’s willing to take him in.

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