Yara & Ramses





Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

1-2 years

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt









Very Reactive


Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Playful

Garden, Street, Not potty trained


Extra Needs:

Access to outdoor area for play



Spayed / Neutered:

Almost fully vaccinated



Ready to Travel:

I Don't Know

This is a bonded pair of pugs, so the details above might be true for one animal, but not both.
They are both micro-chipped and the female is spayed. The male is not neutered yet.
Hi everyone, I have a sad situation and we are re-homing our two pugs that we adopted about 6 months ago from another family that didn't want them anymore. The first family that owned them lived in a large house with a garden. They kept the dogs in a cage and let them out to run in the garden, so the dogs peed in the cage and in the garden. They gave them away because they also had about 4 other dogs and didn't want to keep them anymore. These two little pugs have been together since they were puppies, so they are like an old married couple. Over time, we've realized that the male (the fawn-colored one) is almost completely deaf and seems to only be able to slightly hear high-pitched whistles. He watches the girl (black-color) to know what's going on. We've enjoyed having these two pugs very much. They have great personalities - although very distinct from eachother. They are great campers. We go to Fayoum and Nuweiba often with them to camp. They are very well socialized with other dogs and children. The issue we are having is that because they were never house-trained when they were puppies, it's proving to be impossible now. Even after 6 months of trying to house train them and taking them outside regularly at least three times a day - morning, noon, and night, it is not working and the clean up is too much for our family to handle, especially because we are expecting a new baby. These two pugs need to be back with a family who have land or a garden or even a doggy-door to go outside. If there are any families who have this type of living situation and would like to adopt both these two-year old pugs, please let me know.

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