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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

1-2 years

Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt









Very Reactive

Somewhat Reactive

Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Playful, Likes to chill



Extra Needs:

Experienced adopter



Spayed / Neutered:

Fully vaccinated



Ready to Travel:


This is Willow. He's a loving and sweet little boy (date of birth: 3 February 2022) once you get to know him. His breed is Yorkinese (Yorkshire Terrier + Pekingese mix breed). He'll be on his guard on day one until five but once he gained your trust, he'll be so great to be around with!

He great with someone who has experienced in having a dog in the family. He's neutered and micro-chipped. Has passport with him, and his Vet is Dr. Fady in Rafiki Vets.

Willow loves to chill, hug and tons of belly rubs! He will cry if you leave him to sleep on the other room without you. But can be trained to sleep on his own as well. He is doing his business (pee and poop) on the bathroom. Not a fan of pee pad.

He's an indoor dog, he loves to walk on a quiet street but if there's a cat around, he'll go on panic mode and start barking. He's trainable on this but just keep in mind: if you adopted him, he'll need slow time to process every changes made.

He's a literal snuggle buddy who always love to hug you by putting his head on your laps. Will greet you with every ounce of his love in his body when you get home from work. Willow is the sweetest boy and will make you happy with his cute charm. He eats kibbles (currently he loves Josera) mixed with warm water or tomato sauce. He snacks on freshly cut tomato and he loves cheese as well! Loves to growl when play tug (you can use tug toys or even any cloth).

My heart breaks to re-home him and wish to be with him forever. But circumstances forced us to do so. Please not that part of him is really want to guard you from everything. He has resource guarding so he'll bark at anything he considered as threat (cats, human delivery).

Also note that he needs lots of time to adjust to a new environment. I believe you'll understand of this because dogs has feelings too. Please, love him with all your heart. He deserves it.