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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

10-12 months

New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt



May 22, 2024






Not tested

Not tested

Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Needs mental stimulation, Playful

Pee pad


Extra Needs:

Experienced adopter



Spayed / Neutered:




Ready to Travel:


Etra is the sweetest soul on Earth. He is loving, so kind and affectionate. He's like a cute cheeky 5 year old who you can never get mad at and always feel so much joy when he is around. He is truly a special boy and I hope his new family will love him as much as I do.
He loves three things in this world: walks, chicken and cuddles
He is a mini chihuahua so he's very tiny but has a big personality and he was born on 29/5/2023
He is SO smart and knows some tricks like sit, stay, jump.

Before I continue, it's an absolute must that the new family either have another small dog or they are very educated about dog training. And no big dogs in the house.
Remember just because he is small and cute doesn't mean he's a toy and less responsibility. Chihuahuas require training just as much as big dogs do.

Etra is neutered so he cannot breed. Before his surgery he went through all blood tests and X-rays and he is a perfectly healthy dog and he is dewormed.

He is very active and playful and requires daily walks, even if for ten minutes.

He is partially trained on pee pads. Meaning 95% of the time he pees on the pad. But if the pad isn't so close he might pee somewhere else. Also after moving homes he might need training all over again. This is why I'm requiring the new home to either already have another small dog (so he can do as the other dog is doing) or have previous experience in dog training because potty training dogs is the trickiest part.

Etra is very friendly with everyone. He thinks everybody is his best friend.
He doesn't have behavioral issues except a little bit of food resource gaurding. He growls if food is taken from him or if someone comes near his plate while he is eating.

He is a very cuddly an affectionate boy. He always wants to be held and to play and he is super daloo3 and LOOOVES to get head massages. He also enjoys getting baths (he loves water!) and getting his hair shaved.

A home visit will be required to be assured of his new living space. Once he is with the new family then he is a member of that family but I would love if I could get pictures of him every now and then

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