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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

5-6 months

Garden City, Cairo, Egypt



Oct 9, 2023





Not tested

Not tested

Not tested

Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Needs mental stimulation, Playful, Likes to chill

Pee pad

Needs to be spayed/neutered

Extra Needs:

Experienced adopter



Spayed / Neutered:

Almost fully vaccinated



Ready to Travel:

I Don't Know

Batata is now 6 months old and is an absolute joy. There is not a person (or animal) that she doesn’t want to be friends with. Everyone who asks about her name immediately agrees it suits her because she is the absolute sweetest. She has no issue with separation anxiety and can be left alone for a few hours - she’ll happily snooze with very minimal fuss. She’s trained to use a pee pad but hasn’t been allowed to leave the house until she receives her final vaccination shot on the 23rd of October, so she will need some potty training. She’s also been dewormed.

As with any puppy, she is teething and has a lot of energy, so she will need plenty of chew toys, treats and playtime to keep her entertained. Ideally, we’d love it if she has room to run around, but frequent walks and playtime will definitely tire her out. When not feeling playful Batata is happy lounging around or snoozing somewhere near you. She learns commands extremely fast and is very intelligent - she already knows sit, down, up, shake, yalla go (toilet), barra (leave/go outside), and drop it. She’s also extremely loyal and affectionate. You’ll wake up to her cuddling you, she’ll guard you if she’s worried about you, and will collapse into your arms the second you get home. With some patience Batata is going to grow to be the kindest, funniest, friendliest and most confident dog in the world. With all her puppy mischief, her personality shines through with everyone she meets and everyone is in agreement that she will be the perfect companion.

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