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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

3-4 months

Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt



Jun 22, 2024







Good with 5+

Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Playful



Extra Needs:




Spayed / Neutered:




Ready to Travel:

Night. Scratching at the front door.
She appeared in the area of ​​Hurghada, where all the adult and neutered dogs are.

Small, about two months old.
Smells good. Reaches out to people, not wild.

The conclusion is obvious - most likely someone played with her and put her out on the street again.
Not a new story for Egypt, and for our world too.

That night I did not let her into my house.
Let me not explain the reasons.

A couple of weeks later, I am watching a movie at home, and I hear a puppy voice in the street. I run there.

An accident.
A fracture.
Recovery is already at our home.

More than a month has passed.
My husband and I have done everything possible.
Ayla has gotten stronger, recovered.
She is happy, childishly playful, loves people, and is trying to make friends with our cats (or rather, they with her).

The time has come.
We really need a kind, caring family for Ayla and a cozy home.
I am sure she will become a wonderful friend/child in a family worthy of love and loyalty.

Ayla LOVES to play with toys, with cats, with people.
On the street - she runs after a stick.

She DOESN'T LIKE it when someone touches her paws, especially down, spreading her fingers. This happened after the operation. I think it's the body's memory. She did not have the usual general anesthesia, but she was given an injection every 10 minutes. I think she remembers something from this operation, her pain and despair.

Ayla eats chicken. Different parts of it.
Sometimes raw. Sometimes boiled with vegetables. Sometimes yogurt or kefir. Sometimes fruit (apple, melon, watermelon).

I think that street natural dogs are instinctively not picky and are happy with any food.

Toilet. This is what we are learning.
We have an apartment, no garden. So now we go for walks often (4-7 times a day, after every sleep, after every meal, before we leave the house for a long time). It is great and normal to pee and poop when you want. And not 2 times a day. People do the same. They can't stand it.

Ayla had hip surgery about a month ago.
Now everything is fine. Sometimes there is pain, I think, with some movements.
But not enough time has passed yet.

I do not have the opportunity to sponsor further. I did all what I can.
But if some family from abroad falls in love with Ayla, I can try to find help from the volunteers to organize a package of documents. But there is no guarantee

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