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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

3-5 years

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt








Not tested

Somewhat Reactive


Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Playful, Likes to chill



Extra Needs:

Should be the only animal in the house



Spayed / Neutered:

Fully vaccinated



Ready to Travel:


I rescued Oreo in October 2020..
It has been a very long ride of recovery..
He had been diagnosed/boarded/operated by 5 different vet clinics so far..
Oreo had a large abscess in his left side on his face
His eye in the same side was also affected with an ulcer
His digestion was affected by a bacteria from the water he used to drink in the street

Medically ✨
Oreo is fully vaccinated
Neutered for sure
His skin is delicate after the wound and won’t grow hair anymore in that area
He had an eye surgery so it’s visible by looking closely but overall he sees very well with no problem at all
He used to have (Royal Canine Gastrointestinal ‘Veterinary’) in his food due to his digestion problems

Oreo is the MOST playful cat i have ever seen!
He is very outgoing with people, not shy AT ALL!
He get used to any new place very fast!
He has a BIG appetite!
He pays good attention to his name
He LOVES playing with toys!
And he LOVES sleeping on beds beside his human😊

Looking for a HOME ✨
Oreo has been fostered by a really great family that has been a huge help for both him and myself, and now he’s temporarily fostered by me and my cats until we find him HIS FURREVER HOME!
Oreo needs a family that understands what he has been through, and pays very attention to him financially for his type of food as he must eat high branded food such as Royal Canin or ProPlan or at least CatChow. He’s okay with home made fresh food as well. Not a big fan of canned soft food.

Oreo is very peaceful with children and would make a GREAT companion to anyone!

Oreo has to be the only cat in the house
The reason:
He was fostered by a family before with 1 cat and Oreo was bullying the other cat and didn’t cope up well. So this family kept Oreo in a room separated all the time.
Until I fostered him with my 6 cats, unfortunately all of them bully him and hit him all the time.
In both cases he poops on the floor (pees in the litter box)
On the other hand he was fostered once by a friend with no cats and he pooped in the litter box.
*so the only explanation for his pooping behavior is that he doesn’t feel comfortable with other cats in the house or being separated in a room alone*

So the new family NEED TO UNDERSTAND that he may poop beside the litter box if he feels uncomfortable. And they need to accept that!

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