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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

3-4 months

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt








Not tested

Somewhat Reactive


Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Playful, Likes to chill



Extra Needs:



Spayed / Neutered:

Fully vaccinated



Ready to Travel:


My baby Loki🤍
I found this little guy when he was almost 4 weeks old. His little cries coming from a bush he was hiding (and trapped) in, from some dogs and other critters. He was so tiny then, so adorably little. I took ahold of him that night and he’s been my baby ever since.

At the vet, I was happy to learn this little guy was 3 weeks old and in good condition for me to care for from home. I had never raised an animal before, let alone a little kitten - so I was very intimidated by the responsibility, but he made every day with him worth it a hundred times over.

I named him Loki because he was so deliciously mischievous, and at such a young age! He’s a little ball of energy and has so much curiosity to discover everything. I’m sure some of my ADHD has rubbed off on him because he’ll be in the middle of eating, after having a meltdown if I took a few minutes too long setting his plate, and then be distracted by the slightest sound a moment later… and he’s off!

A silly kitty with hilarious reflexes, Loki is your typical ‘good boy’. He sleeps A LOT, and loves to cuddle. He’s got a nice appetite and his favorite foods include: chicken, liver, mackerel, eggs (LOVES hard boiled eggs), potatoes, carrots, spinach, literally all kinds of fish, deli meat (cold cuts), CHEESE IN ANY KIND OR CAPACITY HE HAS NO WILLPOWER… and I’m sure you’ll discover more with him as he grows older. I’ve been keen on making him fresh foods with multivitamins mixed in for the best possible growth. He’s been accustomed to all kinds of food - wet and dry, in addition to fresh - so he’s not going to trouble you here.

He dislikes sardines and hates corned beef. He will look at you with eyes filled with betrayal if you try to sneak either of those foods into his meal… you’ve been warned.

All in all, Loki is a sweet, fun-loving kitten. Now at 3 months old (13 weeks exactly), he’s at the perfect age for you to watch his adorable personality come alive. He’s playful and friendly but can be shy around new people for a little while - you have to let him come to you. Once he does, he’ll follow you around and playfully tap you on your foot as he runs past you, signalling you to play tag with him.

Loki understands his own name and understands commands signalling him to come and go. He knows that no means no, although what cat out there doesn’t nibble on wires? Loki understands what a kiss is and will kiss you back (if he loves you).

Because it’s cold, it let him sleep next to me. I worry he’ll get chilly during these cold winter nights and, like I mentioned before, Loki loves to cuddle. But he does sleep comfortably on his own and doesn’t cry or meow when he’s left alone either. (He shouldn’t be left alone for more than 4/5 hour for his safety at this age.)

I wish I was able to keep Loki and watch him grow old. I used to let him sleep in my arms and I’d imagine what our life would look like a few years down the road, and my heart aches at the fact that I can’t. I hope whoever reads this knows that I hope Loki is adopted into a loving home that can love him half as much as I did. Give him your love and he’ll return the love tenfold, and with some silliness too to sweeten the deal.

Thank you Loki for being the best boy in the world. Love, Mama

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