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Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

3-5 years

Cairo, Egypt








Not tested


Not tested

Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs a lot of physical exercise, Needs mental stimulation, Playful



Extra Needs:

Experienced adopter, Access to outdoor area for play



Spayed / Neutered:




Ready to Travel:

I Don't Know

Honey was found with 2 of his brothers when they were babies, i heard kittens scream in the street in Alexandria,(they came with me to Cairo) i followed the sound and found 3 kittens screaming next to a building entrance, i found the security woman, and she said someone put them there a week ago, and they were 5 total but two died, they had no mom, so i took them in, cleaned, took them to the vet and fed them and they stayed with me, Honey, Casper and Jojo,(unfortunatly Jojo is not with me anymore) Honey is the jealous one, if any cat wanted to cuddle he would come and try to take their place and purr and he does this thing were he gets really close to me and extends his arm and just rest it on me or my face as if saying this is my territory, He's kinda spoiled, very vocal when he needs attention, and he wants attention most of the time, he has a lot of energy, so i let him get out to play in the garden and around, he plays and comes back, I feel like he needs a big space, and access to a garden, sitting in nature calms him down and just makes him happy, he likes to cuddle when he gets used to you, he is very smart, if you don't give him attention or what he needs he would find something he knows i told him not to do and he'd do it and look at me while doing it, just to get me to get up and pay attention to him, he's a bit overwhight and it's hard for me to control it with so many cats, however i think that if he's more stimulated through out the day and playing more and getting more attention, he's eat less, and it'll be good to have an experienced adopter with knowelage of disiplining cats, i think i lack that.

I created an Instagram account for them, you'll find more pictures and videos here:

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