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Ginger 1





Date of Upload:

Coat Length:

3-5 years

Cairo, Egypt








Not tested


Not tested

Activity Level:

Potty Training:

Medical Needs:

Needs some physical activity, Playful, Likes to chill



Extra Needs:

Experienced adopter



Spayed / Neutered:




Ready to Travel:


Ginger is a 3 legged cat, when i found him he was lost from someone and already had only 3 legs(i don't know what happened), He was so scared and reactive, i started feeding him outside on the balcony and put a box with a blanket there, it took him all winter and by summer he was trusting enough to come inside, he was sick so i took him to the vet and after he got well, i got him neutered, at the same time, i found a post with his picture saying he was lost along with 3 other cats from a woman who was moving, i contacted her, that was right after i spotted him and wasn't able to bring him in, i thought since she knows him he'll go to her when she tries to take him, she wouldn't come right away, and he was in a bad shape, so after a while, she did, but something felt off, i used to call him by the sound of shaking the food box, hed come running to me, when i did and he appeared, once he recognized her, he ran away, and he wouldn't come to her, which felt strange, there was a stray female cat i used to feed, he would keep following her and try to mate, i told her that, she said she neutered him which was a lie, i don't know why she said that, later on after i took him in and took him to the vet, and told him the story, he recognized the woman and it turned out she was known to take keep a lot of cats and dogs in an apartment and take money from people for herself, and the animals were in a very bad condition as he once went for a house call to her place, and then i found a lot of people posting about her scamming them on facebook groups, so i decided to keep him, it took him a year with me to start trusting me enough to cuddle and relax a bit, he is still reactive, i found ways to interact with him and pick up on signals when he doesn't like me holding him or interacting in a certain way, other than that he is the most playful cat, he's very obedient and smart, he acts as if he has 4 legs, it doesn't stop him from anything, he is great with kittens, wants to take care of them and acts like a dad, he likes most cats but most cats don't get along with him.
He needs an empathetic person, who understands trauma, be patient, and just love him, he loves to sit on my lap and purr, he loves sleeping on the bed near me, he loves playing, he recognizes when i don't want him to get on top of something or stop doing something and he's obedient, he's very sassy and cute.

I created an Instagram account for them, you'll find more pictures and videos here:

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