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About Me

This small boy is a sweetheart who only wants love and play, he thinks he's a lap dog (his small size helps) he's great with people, dogs and cats and loves any kind of company (animal or human) he is a bit shy but takes a moment and warms up to everyone. He is super smart and attentive which makes him ready to learn new tricks. He loves his tug rope and toys & is super cuddly once he settles in.

We would like to have a sponsor for his neutering surgery, tests and recovery expenses.

We know that he'd been in multiple foster homes since one month of age and we don't understand why he hasn't been adopted yet. Kiko is one of the sweetest, most obedient foster we've had and this year only we've had THREE foster puppies. He tends to have a little stranger danger first impression when meeting new people but we are working on socializing him more to understand how to be around strangers and new people because once he feels safe around someone he becomes a cuddle bug in minutes. Kiko is fully vaccinated and soon to be neutered.

Kiko in a nutshell;

- Has the flappiest ears
- Looks a bit like a squirrel
- Perfect size for a lap dog (and he loves it, he’s barely 12kgs)
- Melts in your arms like cheese
- He loves people but sometimes has stranger danger and once he feels safe and calm he’s a pro cuddle bug within minutes.
- Has amazing eye contact
- Super attentive and toy+food driven which makes him easily trained
- - Has zero destruction tendencies and never plays with anything that is not his toy or chew.
- Learns new queues and body language real quick, he really does not need you to say the command more than once or twice.
- He pulls a bit on a harness or lead but we’re working on it and he’s already much better.
- He loves all animals and is super gentle around them and gets the sweetest and fastest zoomies when he makes a new doggo friend.
- He doesn’t mind letting you hold his paws, cleaning it or put on rain booties. He actually keeps lovingly looking at you while you do all that.
- Loves getting brushed and wiped with pet wipes.
- Kiko is basically a little love bug who had a rough start in his first year of life but that did not stop him from loving.

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