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He is fully vaccinated with his passport that includes all his previous vaccinations and dates. He eats twice a day cooked meat chicken or fish (no cooked bones )mixed with vegetables and we give him dried organs like lung liver kidney and chicken feet as treats.

He spends his time at indoors or in the back yard garden and in the summer when it gets hot he stays indoors in the AC and only goes out after sunset when it’s cooler in the day. His walks in the summer are early morning and late after sunrise to avoid the period of hot weather. He is toilet trained to go outside the house but if he’s left too long inside he will have accidents.He is trained to commands sit and down. When we say "up" he knows to go up the stairs, When we say "in" he knows to go indoors or in his designated area. He also waits for permission to eat meals or treats. He is not allowed on beds or furniture but sometimes when he’s excited he gets on couches or beds

He’s not interested in playing with toys by himself but enjoys when someone plays with him with the toys he likes drag and pull and he loves puzzles where you hide food or treats and he has to figure out how to get it out of the toy. He is not destructive in the house but he is a digger in the garden. He can be left alone 4 / 5 hours but we leave him in a spacious gated area in the house he does not like being left alone for too long he gets really sad and depressed.

Ideally he needs two walks a day 30 or 40 min each he will not mind extra walks at any time he is very active and loves to run as well. He pulls on leash when waking. He can not be left unleashed he has managed to run away several times. He loves to run in the garden. He likes swimming in the pool. He likes playing with people. He likes tummy rubs and butt scratches. He likes to be around people. He does not like being alone or locked up in a cage. He does not like cats they make him on edge.

He likes to play with dogs he is used to spent weekends at a dog daycare with other dogs he has a best friend golden retriever at the day care. He hasn’t been with children so I don’t know how he would be around them I expect him to be friendly and tender. He’s not a barker he only barks when he’s excited or wants your attention or barks back to a dog who barks at him but he doesn’t start.

He rarely howls only when he is sad or really bored. He is very friendly and playful with strangers sometimes gets over excited around people. He is not protective of his home but protective of his food do not try to remove his food or take it away from him or move it around while he is eating he does not like that. He is such an adorable lovable dog he is so kind and caring of his owners he feels when you are sad or in pain and will stay by your side trying to comfort and care for you he likes lying by your legs or at close distant he likes tender cuddles he is so affectionate.

He sheds a lot so his family needs to be okay with husky hair everywhere.

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